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  The subject matter is a very interesting and influential one. Art, and the human mind. Ever since I begin my intellectual grooming I have come to realize that music, creativity, painting, drawing, (Art), etc. have become a thing that human beings can’t deal with in everyday life. Whatever you do, and wherever you are, you see art confronting you. Art in religion, politics, and art in education. It is an indisputable fact that art is everywhere, influencing us on a daily basis whether we realize it or not. And this is the very reason why art is important in human minds. Being surrounded by art could have a very good impact on our moods and emotions. This article will not only stop at defining art, but it will also go extra paragraph in discussing art and human form, perceptions in art, how art affects and influences our lives. The writer will also go further highlighting the importance of art in the human mind.   EXPLANATION OF SOME CONCEPTS AND IDEAS Art : What is Art? It is the

Russia's modern trouble with NATO and Ukraine | Stephen Wise

Ukraine is a former Soviet republic bordering Russia and the EU. It isn't always a  NATO  member,  however,  it's miles a "companion country". This  way,  there's an expertise that Ukraine can be allowed to enroll in the alliance someday  with inside  the future.  Russia needs assurances from Western powers that this may by no means happen. However, the United States and its allies are refusing to bar Ukraine from  NATO , announcing that as a sovereign state it ought to be unfastened to determine on its very own protection alliances.  Ukraine's ambassador to the UK,  Vadim  Prystaik, counseled these days that Ukraine became inclined to be "flexible" over its purpose to enroll in the Western army alliance. However, a spokesman for President Volodymyr Zelensky contradicted him, announcing Ukraine stays dedicated to its aspirations to enroll in  NATO  and the EU as set out  in  its constitution.  Ukraine has a massive populace of ethnic Russians and nea