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I grew up to unfortunately found myself in a society where men has killed and buried their consciences. We know longer find wrong in things especially when it concerns us. When it benefits us. When it makes us rich. And when we participate in it. I have watched our culture unravel in its addiction to corruption. Our culture has been adulterated that it’s into war with ‘guilt’. The very concept is considered medieval, obsolete, and unproductive. People who trouble themselves with feelings of personal guilt are usually referred to therapists, whose task it is to boost their self-image. No one accept to be guilty. Guilt is not conducive to dignity and self-esteem. Society encourages sin, but it will not tolerate the guilt sin produces. WHAT IS CONSCIENCE? a) Conscience is a person's moral sense of right and wrong that acts as a guide to his/her behavior. It can act as a source of ethical guidance for a person. example - Suppose a civil servant notices illegal construction encr